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Find Your Dream Home in Millstone Landing
Hey there, folks! Joe McQuillan here, and let me tell you about the incredible Millstone Landing right here in the heart of Vero Beach. This place is booming, and with the real estate market soaring and the economy bouncing back over the past five years, developers are making a serious comeback to the Vero Beach and Sebastian area.
Now, Millstone Landing, it’s not just your average neighborhood – it’s a meticulously planned unit development, right here in Vero Beach. DR Horton, Lennar Builders, GHO Homes, Maronda Homes, and a bunch of other top-notch builders have gone all out, crafting stunning new homes within this fantastic community. And let me tell you, when you step into Millstone Landing, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the style of home you want to snag.
We’re talking single-level beauties and two-level stunners, and for those of you from other parts of the country, that might not sound groundbreaking. But, let me fill you in – until recently, most homes around Vero Beach and Sebastian were more like one-story wonders. Why, you ask? Well, our population has been mainly 65 and older, and they’ve been flocking here from their big, sprawling two-story homes up north. Stairs? No, thank you.
But hey, times are changing, my friends. Younger families are making their mark, and Millstone Landing is where the action’s at. We’re talking single-level floor plans kicking off at just under 1,800 square feet, and those two-level floor plans? Massive, hitting up to 3,300 square feet.
And let me paint a picture of the grounds – it’s like paradise. Lakes to stroll around, birds dipping into the water, and the community clubhouse? A haven. Pool, fitness room, kitchen for those epic events – Millstone Landing has it all.
Now, here’s the kicker, especially in those Lennar built homes – imagine having your own private suite on the ground floor. Perfect for bringing in Grandma or Grandpa to live the good life with you. It’s got a private entrance, a cozy living room, a bedroom, and a bath with a kitchenette. And you know what? Families whose kids are back in the nest for a bit are loving this floorplan too.
So, if you’re looking for a slice of Vero Beach luxury, Millstone Landing is the place to be. Don’t miss out on the action!
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